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  added by  sv... for  Mistress Lady Renee on 01 May 2017

I had in the past year regular “date” with Mistress Lady Renee. Before the first date She asked me more info about myself in order to give Her an idea what a like and what I don’t like. The ‘game’ started on the entrance door where I was blindfolded. I saw her face the first time a whole while later during the game. She Always tries to ge the best out of the slave, expanding his limits. And if we used only clamps and ropes during the first game, now She also uses needles. But She first checks (in mails before the real sessions start) if we can move to a higher limit. And after the session She really is taking care about You. I am very glad I met Her! For me She was the missing link in BDSM

  added by  Ch... for  Dominatrix on 27 February 2016

I had a wonderful submissive time with this beautiful mistress. We agreed on what (not) to do well before,
so the session became what we both wanted. She can be sweet, she can be very intense, she can smile like a goddess,
she can pound your (my) ass like a champion. I’m still evolving in receiving (hard) pain, but she gave me the trust I am in good
hands if I want to explore this further. We both left with a smile, I couldn’t have asked for more.

  added by  jo... for  Mistress Maggie on 23 February 2016

I first visited Mistress Maggie four years ago as a complete novice to Profession Dominatrix. I had no real idea as to what I wanted but I had read Maggie’s web site several times and her limits matched mine so I took that first faltering step.

Since 2011 I have had 97 really successful sessions and never once thought I had made the wrong choice. One of the most recent sessions was actually roped to that very chair in her advert and have received many sessions in her well-equipped and scrupulously clean Clinic. On every occasion, the most rigorous standards of cleanliness have been employed.

The contents of the advert are 100% accurate but only scratch the surface of how good a PD she actually is and what services are there to be explored.
I definitely recommend you visit her web site, thoroughly investigate it and if you think you may be compatible, go for it. You will receive a friendly welcome then take it from there. (My blog gives more info.)

  added by  St... for  Mistress Sylvia Wolf on 05 January 2016

Mistress Sylvia Wolf and l go back along way its not always been easy ,at the beginning l did mess up big time,l fought against my feelings and showed no respect for my Mistress”s chosen lifestyle but with this all in my past ,l know enjoy the privilege and honour of serving one of the best experienced and enthusiastic BDSM .Mistress”s you can find ,l know enjoy my liberating sessions in a well furnished playroom have been taught to respect my Mistress and her lifestyle the sessions are intense ,and l do feel a little nervous not knowing what might happen next ,this adds to the tension ,but l trust her fully and allow her to take me,on a mindblowing journey exploring my needs, during the session Mistress will take photographs or video it again adding to the intenseness of the session ,if your looking for a first rate Session or just trying it for the first time l recommend Mistress Sylvia Wolf a true lifestye Domm who l am proud to serve .

  added by  sl... for  Meesteres Anna on 04 January 2016


I visited Mistress Anna just before Christmas 2015. It was a fantastic experience. It was the first time that I visited a Mistress with no wishlist, no safe word and no extended conversation via email or before the session. The only thing I did was to introduce myself to Her and tell Her about myself.

It was amazing how She took control over me and I was in sub-space before She took me by the hand to guide me to the shower.

The next 2 hours I was blown away. Mistress Anna took full control over my body and soul. She could do whatever She wanted with me and I felt completely safe and relaxed although I entered her great apartment with quite some nervousness.

Mistress Anna likes to administer pain and I got my fair share of that. But it did not feel like pain as I felt She was completely with me all the time. My impression was that She felt every move, twitch, thought and feeling that I had and although She touched my borders, She did not go over them.

A great experience!

  added by  pi... for  Mistress ChelseaChick on 30 December 2015

I visited Mistress ChelseaChick last month – my first session for many years (10+). Mistress Chelsea is stunning looking, but also extremely easy to talk to, and immediately made me feel at ease.

Our session was held in my hotel room, but Mistress Chelsea doesn’t need a dungeon to provide the atmosphere – she did that all by herself!

We’d discussed my likes etc online before the meeting, and a safe word was advised before we started, so things could progress easily. Humiliation and cross dressing were a couple of those interests, and Mistress Chelsea is an expert in both areas, stretching my limits further than I expected – although she has since stretched them further in online sessions 🙂

I’ll definitely be visiting again in the New Year, and can’t wait to find out what new ideas Mistress Chelsea has in store for me.


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